Engine Performance Solutions

For Turboprop Aircraft

From engine and propeller upgrades to comprehensive engine management programs and EcoPower Multi-Use Cleansing Systems, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions offers a range of products and services that significantly enhance aircraft readiness.

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The government designation for twin-engine turboprop aircraft derived from the Hawker Beechcraft King Air 200, the King Air 200/C-12 Huron is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engines. The hundreds of Hurons in flight today support missions ranging from medical evacuation to personnel and cargo transport. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ engine performance solutions are designed to keep these important government assets flying safely, reliably, and cost effectively with improved performance, increased reliability, and a higher safety margin.

KING AIR 300/350ER

The Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ upgraded King Air 350 features Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines, producing 1,050 SHP up to 25,000 feet where stock King Air 350 engines begin losing horsepower at 15,000 feet. Paired with two 5-blade natural composite MT Propellers with spinners, the complete upgrade transforms your agency’s King Air 350 into the fastest, highest performing, most reliable King Air available.


More than 2,000 Cessna Caravans handle an extraordinary range of government missions around the world. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions helps government agencies transform their aircraft into even more valuable and productive assets, further improving the Caravan’s legendary capabilities regardless of the aircraft’s operational requirements.


The EcoPower Multi-Use Cleansing System is advanced propriety technology developed by Pratt & Whitney Military Engines for modern, environmentally-friendly exterior and engine cleaning – designed to reduce fuel and maintenance costs. EcoPower is available for all engines and with specialized manifolds available for PT6, T700, JT5D and T55.