King Air 200/
C-12 Huron

Performance Solutions

The hundreds of King Air 200/C-12 Hurons in flight today support missions ranging from medical evacuation to personnel and cargo transport. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ engine performance solutions are designed to keep these important government assets flying safely, reliably, and cost effectively with improved performance, increased reliability, and a higher safety margin.

Services we offer:

Engine Upgrades

Engine upgrades significantly increase King Air 200/C-12 performance and decrease operational costs. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions offers three proven engine upgrade options to meet your mission requirements – XP42, XP52 and XP61 – each including higher performance propellers. Upgrades provide decreased time and fuel to climb, increased single engine service ceiling, and an increased true airspeed and rate of climb, literally making the difference between life and death for MEDEVAC patients, Special Ops insertion and extraction teams, and troops stationed in remote areas with urgent resupply needs.

Engine overhauls are expensive and often include unexpected problems and hidden costs, all without any final performance increase. Engine upgrades from Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions are guaranteed to ensure factory-new condition with improved performance, reduced operating costs, and higher resale value. We put the power of the Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions organization and its unparalleled experience and expertise behind delivering a complete and proven performance solution, backed by a lifetime customer support guarantee.

Engine Gauges

Original factory gauges often become unreliable and difficult to repair and recalibrate. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ Hawkeye DigiLog Gauges optimize flight management functionality and introduce modern advancements in human factors engineering to legacy aircraft. These in-stock replacements combine the familiarity of two-inch round analog gauges with microprocessor-based signal processing and digital display technology.

Hawkeye DigiLog Gauge Features

  • Intelligent, information-rich engine monitoring system
  • Familiar 2” round analog gauges
  • Microprocessor signal processing and digital display technology
  • Superior lighting with LED backlight
  • Sensor to automatically adjust to lighting conditions – no post lighting
  • Anti-glare, airtight, no-fog glass
  • Exceedances visually displayed
  • NVG compatible

Engine MRO

Globally recognized PT6 experts, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions offers cost-effective maintenance, repair, and overhaul services ranging from routine engine maintenance to complete, complex overhauls, including parts refurbishment.

Propeller MRO

Lightning strikes and foreign object debris can unexpectedly damage flight-critical propeller components. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions offers proven maintenance, repair, and overhaul capabilities for Hartzell, McCauley, and Dowty Rotol propeller systems. From blades to hub assemblies, we efficiently complete parts rework or replacement, complying with FAA and other regulatory requirements, on schedule and on budget.

Our comprehensive overhaul process encompasses everything from acid etching, inspections, and necessary parts replacement to nickel cadmium plating, aluminum anodizing, and installation of new deicer boots. In-country or on-site auditing, training, and maintenance troubleshooting is also available.

Propeller Upgrades

A new propeller is included with every engine upgrade, ensuring performance and lifecycles are matched for optimum results and minimum maintenance.

New Propeller

Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions offers: MT 5-Blade Composite Propeller, Hartzell Beechcraft 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller, Raisbeck 4-Blade Aluminum Power Prop, and the Raisbeck Swept Aluminum 4-Blade Propeller for your aircraft needs. All propellers provide superior performance over stock propellers, significantly adding to the value of your upgrade.

Engine Management Programs

Including Trend and Flight Data Monitoring

Imagine extending the time between overhauls, ensuring on-condition hot sections, and consistently identifying small issues before they become large, expensive problems. Imagine no more. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions developed a powerful engine management solution for a true revolution in aircraft readiness.

Using trend analysis and flight data monitoring tools, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ Engine Management PLUS+ gathers and delivers information and recommendations to help operators proactively manage engine maintenance for the fleet. A four-step process drives fact-based decision-making for dramatic improvements in readiness, safety, and availability:

COLLECT engine performance, usage, and maintenance data utilizing proven aviation data management services and applications.

PROCESS and interpret data using FAA licensed A&P mechanics to provide diagnostics and prognostics that result in timely and accurate maintenance recommendations.

MANAGE the data and process to deliver actionable reports resulting in a proactive maintenance program that is timely, effective, and efficient.

ACT and make informed decisions based on complete, up-to-date information that is easily accessed anytime online.

Program Management

For Engine & Propeller Programs

Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions offers program management for engine and propeller programs for upgrades and MRO service. We operate to the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS-9100 Rev D.

Low Rate Composite Component Production

Through its sister company, Blackhawk Composites, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions can develop, manufacture, and test low rate composite components for government customers. Higher production levels can then be obtained as the program requires.

Upgrade Your Fleet

Enjoy improved performance, increased reliability, a higher safety margin, and better aircraft availability. Contact us for a technical briefing on how Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions can help improve your operation.