Multi-Use Cleansing System

Proprietary technology developed by Pratt & Whitney Military Engines for modern, economically-friendly exterior and engine cleaning.

Cleaner Airframes Without Detergent

The EcoPower Multi-Use Cleansing System delivers low pressure, atomized droplets of pure heated deionized water that attract ions and dirt normally found deep within the pores of metal and aircraft painted surfaces. The result is a thoroughly cleaned aircraft that meets aircraft technical manual guidance without using detergents, large water volume, or potentially-damaging high pressure washing. EcoPower is available as a leasing option that includes unit maintenance and customer support.

Clean Engines Perform Better

The EcoPower Multi-Use Cleansing System is an advanced, environmentally-friendly engine wash process designed to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

A low-pressure flow of highly atomized deionized water droplets is delivered at a 90-degree angle to the engine’s inlet. After starter cycle engagement, the spray is drawn into the engine, providing uniform coverage of every fan blade and reducing forcing function on engine stages and excess water penetration caused by direct injection. The deionized water attracts ions and dirt, ensuring a deeper, less evasive, and more economical clean in just 30-60 minutes per wash.

Each detergent-free wash with EcoPower is easily performed by two technicians with the compact and easily-transported equipment. Runoff is eco-friendly and does not require special handling. EcoPower complies with all EMM wash procedures, with no special certification or authorization required.

In addition to internal and external aircraft engine washing, EcoPower can also be used to de-ice, clean aircraft or other vehicles, and even for agricultural rinsing.


Regardless of aircraft or the mission, a loss of efficiency affects your success. When engines ingest sand, salt, and other debris, compressor airfoils become dirty, increasing fuel burn and exhaust gas temperatures, leading to decreased fuel economy and increased maintenance.

By washing the engine, fuel burn decreases significantly. With EcoPower, operators experience an average fuel savings of 0.4% – 0.8%, a 5-12˚C reduction in exhaust gas temperature, reduced maintenance cost, increased time on wing, and more.


In addition to a universal setting, EcoPower offers wash multi-nozzle manifolds for specific engines to ensure water enters the core at correct angles for optimal cleaning. Customized manifolds are available for the following engines and aircraft:

  • PT6
  • T700
  • JT5D
  • T55
  • H-60
  • C-12
  • AH-64
  • UC-35
  • CH-47


Quality Assurance Inspector

If it was not for the paint touch up spots, I would have thought this was one of the more recently painted aircraft. Your system did a good job and I would have no reservations releasing this aircraft back to service.

Keiko Sapp, U.S. Navy Chemist

The technology’s performance has also proven to be beneficial in the way of engine performance by increasing time-on-wing, decreasing fuel consumption, and improving quality of product throughput.

Operate at Peak Performance

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