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Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ high-quality products and professional management services meet or exceed all regulatory and customer requirements.

Real-World Solutions for Government Aircraft Readiness

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, near the heart of U.S. Army Aviation, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions brings together a powerful mix of capabilities and experience to serve as a single-source provider of comprehensive PT6 engine performance solutions for government and military customers.

Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions, LLC is AS-9100 Rev D certified.

Engine Performance Experts

Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions’ services and engine upgrade solutions improve engine performance, safety, reliability, and useful life, significantly reducing overall costs and down time. Our engine and propeller upgrade options, value added maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and data-driven engine management programs that utilize trend and flight data monitoring allow you to do more even with a smaller budget.

Government customers seek modern, cost-effective performance-based solutions for the legacy aircraft that continue to perform important mission operations. Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions provides an experienced and proven performance solution for PT6A engine turboprop operators with a long-standing tradition of customer service and support.


Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions (formerly Vector-Hawk) formed in 2008 to bring vast engine upgrade and superior customer service capabilities to government agencies. Blackhawk soon won the Government of Israel’s engine and propeller MRO contract, which successfully continues to this day.

Soon after, L3 selected the company to help solve engine MRO management and repair cycle issues. Blackhawk successfully reduced L3’s average engine overhaul time from 120 days to 45 days, significantly reducing costs and downtime.

Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions continues to grow and innovate, adding to its extensive list of service and capabilities aimed at reducing costs associated with upgrading and increasing the performance of legacy aircraft.


Blackhawk Aerospace Family of Companies

Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades

Waco, Texas

Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades is the recognized engine performance solutions leader for turboprop aircraft. Founded in 1999 in Waco, Texas, the company supports the largest installed fleet of STC twin and single-engine turboprop upgrades, making Blackhawk the largest non-OEM buyer of new Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines in the world.

Blackhawk Aerospace Composites

Morgantown, Kentucky

Blackhawk Composites is the source for quality composites solutions that meet exacting aerospace requirements. From cowlings and fairings to storage lockers, Blackhawk Composites offers complete capabilities to design, prototype, and build composite components for aerospace applications, including custom solutions to meet specific performance objectives.

Blackhawk Aerospace Aircraft Sales

Waco, Texas

Blackhawk Aircraft Sales gives you the advantage when you seek to buy, sell, trade, or broker your Caravan, Cheyenne, Conquest, or King Air. The brokerage offers a variety of aircraft for sale, featuring low-time or no time since upgrade engines and props, glass cockpits, and luxury interiors.

Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies

Columbia, Missouri

Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies provides comprehensive aircraft maintenance and avionics sales, installation, repair, and support on a variety of airframes. We lead the industry in avionics installation STCs, aiming to provide exceptional customer satisfaction with every job.

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